Devlog - Big Huge Throws

Bigger and Huge-er and Throwier


Over the holiday break I prototyped a whole new gamemode and map, which are Hole in One and The Distant Links respectively. They’re based on the thought “what if I just multiplied all the throw force, sizes, etc by 11?" and it quickly became apparent this is the most fun game mode so far. Even just the basic actions feel good. Check this out:

The map is “what if a golf course was 256km^2?" But I like everything to be interactive so it has randomly placed surfaces that bounce you, sand traps that slow you down and fairways that speed you up.

The Distant Links overhead

The Distant Links bounce surface

For the new game mode I needed some new powerups, which are in progress right now. The one I’ve mostly finished shows your predicted throw path and your predicted movement path which lets you line up exactly where you’re going to land. It’s powerful so I’ll keep it fairly rare:

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Hey, do you like videogames? If so please check out my game Grab n' Throw on Steam, and add it to your wishlist. One gamemode is like golf but on a 256 km^2 landscape, with huge throw power, powerups, and a moving hole. Another is like dodgeball crossed with soccer except instead of balls you throw stacks of your own teammates. And there's plenty more!

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