Devlog - Jazz Hands


Grab n' Throw has reached an important milestone - we now have hands!

With the core gameplay features in place it was time to add some GameJuice™. Over the last few months I’ve added visible hands, hand animations, camera animations and more. To make everything more immersive I’ve opted to re-use the same external player model that other players see - you can look down and see your feet, and your hands grab the actual character you’re holding. This feels so much more fun to play now:

throwing gif

The camera animations are subtle but really make each action feel like it’s in the world. It’s made me appreciate how important they are to other games like Doom 2016.

powerup gif

As an added bonus, true ragdoll is back on the menu. This works in multiplayer and makes every hit feel much more impactful:

dashing gif

The next aim is to get a demo up for you all to play later this year. If you haven’t wishlisted yet, please do! Every one helps. If you have, THANKYOU! (and please show Grab n' Throw to your friends).


Hey, do you like videogames? If so please check out my game Grab n' Throw on Steam, and add it to your wishlist. One gamemode is like golf but on a 256 km^2 landscape, with huge throw power, powerups, and a moving hole. Another is like dodgeball crossed with soccer except instead of balls you throw stacks of your own teammates. And there's plenty more!

See full gameplay on Steam!

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