Compilers for programming while tired

Strongly typed languages and compilers are wonderful. Especially when my eyes are struggling to stay open and the bed is calling.

Usually by this time of night I can’t complete a full task, but I can plan and start one. If I’m refactoring I might change the parameter type in one function. If I come back a few days later and didn’t note exactly where I got to, I press CTRL+B and the compiler will dutifully show all the calls I have left to change.

If it’s a new feature, I might roughly code out an outline in one area without declaring a variable, or just leave a line half written. CTRL+B will take me where I need to go when I’m ready.

When I first started out I hated the error messages, I fought against them. But eventually I saw the compiler for what it was: an observant and tireless coding partner to be worked with. Now I love those squiggly red lines.


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